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Curing Aging 2023


Peter Lidsky's 

David Gem's

A lot of people think aging should not be cured. These people refuse to consider aging as a disease since everyone gets it. But they rarely argue that heart disease is not a disease for the same reason.


“What makes you think you have the right to cure aging?”, many people asked me when I told them I was organizing a Curing Aging conference. I doubt they would have had the same reaction if I told them I was organizing a Curing Heart Disease conference. 


Aging is the increasing probability of death of an organism from internal causes. Many plants and some animals do not age. Sequoia trees, for example, grow stronger and hardier with each passing year. No law of biology states that an old body cannot be stronger and healthier than a young body. So why then do most organisms age, and why is there so much variability in the lifespans of different organisms?

At Curing Aging 2023, we discussed these questions and presented the view that aging can be cured to those who are open to hearing it. We live in exciting times. Many exciting and paradigm-shifting things are coming, whether we like it or not. We live in the age of artificial intelligence. We live in the age of quantum computing. And, with enough societal prioritization, we will be the last generation born on the clock!


  • David Gems

  • Peter Lidsky

  • Daniel Ives

  • Daniel Friedman

  • Timofey Glinin

  • Eleanor Sheekey

  • Harold Katcher

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