There will be a last generation born on the clock.

Will you be part of it?


This gathering of scientists and enthusiasts will be a forum to present recent advances in aging research.


Aging is a programmed self-destruction process controlled by our genes, in the same way as sexual development during puberty is controlled by our genes. Aging and death are not inevitable. There is no reason why an old body cannot be stronger and healthier than a young body. Many organisms do not age, and significant progress has already been made in extending the healthspans of many more. At this conference, experts in aging research will discuss the interventions that have already been used to successfully reverse aging.

Aging, like polio,
will one day be

a thing of the past.
It is only a
matter of time.



Rooms 103 and 104

Indiana Convention Center 

100 South Capitol Avenue 

Indianapolis, IN 46225

The conference rooms are located at the Maryland Street Entrance of the Convention Center.

Live stream

The talks on Saturday and Sunday will be live-streamed on Zoom.  

Zoom Livestream Link 

Who doesn't want
a few extra 
years, decades, or
even centuries? 

Hotel Information

Speakers and organizers are staying at the Crowne Plaza, which is attached to the conference center.  More information on travel and lodging can be found here. Speakers can check in at the Crowne Plaza at 4 pm on Friday. 

The tech is coming
sooner or later.
We must prioritize ensuring everyone has access to the
cure, including
those alive now.


Please contact with any questions.
The conference is hosted by the Curing Aging reading group, which reviews articles over zoom every Saturday 8 pm - 10 pm.  Join us any Saturday! 

Zoom Saturday Meeting Link