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Curing Aging 2023
April 22, 2023

Topics of Discussion

  • Is aging the result of a passive accumulation of damage or an active self-destruction program? That is, do we age for the same reason cars wear out, or for the same reason we go through puberty?

  • Do all mammals age by the same mechanisms?

  • Does the biological clock that governs the timing of wisdom teeth budding affect the rate of aging?

  • What progress has been made in reversing aging?


Conference Summary

  • Curing Aging is an annual conference held in the Midwestern United States. Invited speakers will discuss aging research and therapeutic longevity interventions. 

  • Aging should be viewed as a disease rather than as a natural, inevitable process. The more widely the aging-as-a-disease mindset is appreciated, the sooner effective treatments can be developed.

  • There is no reason why an old body must be more prone to morbidity than a young body. One day soon, aging will be a thing of the past. It is only a matter of time. 


  • David Gems

  • Nelly Olova

  • Peter Lidsky

  • Daniel Ives

  • Daniel Friedman

  • Timofey Glinin

  • Eleanor Sheekey

  • Harold Katcher

Hotel and Travel Info

  • The conference will taken place at The Westin Cincinnati. Lunch Saturday and a reception Saturday evening will be provided to all attendees. Reservations for hotel rooms can be made with this link.  It is recommended that attendees arrive Friday evening and depart Sunday morning. 

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