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Most research programs are trying to “fix what goes wrong” by repairing the body at the cellular level. This is hard. It also may be unnecessary. 

There is no reason why an old body must be more prone to morbidity than a young body. One day soon, aging will be a thing of the past. It is only a matter of time.  

Conference Summary

Curing Aging is an annual conference with the dual mission of exploring the "aging as an adaptation" theory and promoting the "aging as a disease" worldview. 

  • One very important theory of aging is the theory that aging is a  programmed process of active self-destruction. This hypothesis implies there must be signals that instruct the body to self-destruct. The royal road to anti-aging interventions is thus to understand those signals and to reprogram the body for youthful levels of repair and even regeneration. 

  • Aging should be viewed as a disease rather than as a natural, inevitable process. The more widely the aging-as-a-disease mindset is appreciated, the sooner effective treatments can be developed. 

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