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Thank you for participating!

Curing Aging 2022

There will be a last generation born on the clock.

Will you be part of it?

Nelly Olova's Talk

Josh Mitteldorf's Talk


Prim Singh

Daniella Chusyd

Josh Mitteldorf 

Christian Schafmeister 

Nelly Olova

J. Ignacio Gutiérrez

Joao Pedro De Magalhaes

Lei Zhang

David Sanders

Abdiasis Hussein

Who doesn't want
a few extra 
years, decades, or
even centuries? 

Conference Mission Statement and 

This gathering of scientists and enthusiasts was a forum to present aging research. Aging and death are not inevitable. There is no reason why an old body cannot be stronger and healthier than a young body. Many organisms do not age, and significant progress has already been made in extending the healthspans of many more. At this conference, experts in aging research discussed interventions that have already been used to successfully reverse aging.

The tech is coming
sooner or later.
We must prioritize ensuring everyone has access to the
cure, including
those alive now.


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